Cincinnati cellist, Toph, defies genre.  In his past life Toph toured world wide as a classical cellist.  Seeking new outlets for artistic expression, and not liking tuxedos much, Toph decided to do what ever he wanted to do.  Toph uses only a cello, a loop pedal, drum machines, and his voice.  There is never a backing track to a Toph show.  There is no computer involved.  Nothing is pre-recorded.  All instruments are played live on stage by Toph, who then proceeds to recite out of sight rhymes in lightning tight lines.  His primary influences are Brahms and MF DOOM.

Critics rave: 

“can you play cello on my beats?” 


"is that a violin or a viola?"

"that guy plays bass good"

-people at my shows

“A consummate chamber musician… stunning…” 

-Strad Magazine 



Instagram: @tophraps

For booking information contact toph@tophraps.com

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